We are building a safer web together.

Our foremost mission is to cultivate a secure online environment that safeguards the well-being of children and vulnerable individuals, prioritising their protection above all else.

Featured in

No Child Left Behind awards
Edtech Impact
Cheltenham Borough Council

What we do

We believe in an alternative to online safety today.

We’re focusing on solving the problems facing children and vulnerable people online. We want to make the world a better place and change lives through FiDO.

We support young people in education.

We support children and young adults in preparation for the careers of the future. We offer hands-on work experience in app development to marketing and product advertising.

We’re building sustainably as we grow.

We believe supporting nature and creating a clean environment for children is just as important as keeping them safe online and delivering a good education for the future.

We’re a fast-growing team in Cheltenham, UK.

Located 20 minutes from the train station at Hub8, the Cyber Centre for the UK. We collaborate with Universities like Aston and Gloucestershire to drive our development forward.

A statement from our Founder.

Having grown up in the digital-mobile age, I’ve had the advantages and disadvantages of the internet in the palm of my hand. My mission is simple, make internet safety a prerequisite, accessible and easy to use without sacrificing privacy and autonomy.

Adam Bolas at Hub8