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“Digital T-level Students secure prestigious work placements”

Mar 10, 2023

We've brought in two T-Level Placement Students to gain experience

This article was sourced from Cirencester College’s website.

Congratulations to two first year Digital T-level students, Margaryta (Margo) Gasukha and Jacob Osagie from Cirencester College who today gained work placements at PixelPup in Cheltenham.

As part of the Digital T-level in Production, Design and Development, Margo and Jacob are required to complete 315 hours of work experience in the Industry. PixelPup are a start-up company who specialize in developing a safe environment for children online through empowering parents and educational organizations with preventative technology and education.

Adam Bolas, CEO of PixelPup, said: “For us, it’s important to support young people in Education and working with Cirencester College provides students the opportunity to get real life work experience at an early age. I have found the digital students at Cirencester College eager, talented and keen to learn, it’s a pleasure to give Margo and Jacob this chance to make a difference and gain some real-world skills.”

I have always had a passion for technology

Traditionally, very few women work in IT and technology, something that Cirencester College would like to change. Margo explained, “I have always had a passion for technology and creating new things. There are lots of opportunities for both men and women out there. Digital is a very fast developing industry, diversity and collaboration with different people is important for bringing new ideas and improvements to the industry. I am really grateful to get this opportunity with PixelPup. I am hoping to find an apprenticeship in the industry once I have finished my course.”

"Adam’s talk to the class was really inspiring"

Jacob said: “I am really enjoying the T-level, the course is well thought through and helps to guide you into the right industry for you. There are lots of opportunity to be creative in the practicals and theory lessons.  Adam’s talk to the class was really inspiring, so I am really happy to gain a work placement with the company. When I have finished the course, I also hope to get an apprenticeship.”

Simon Jones, Course Team Leader for Digital T-levels at Cirencester College said, “This is what T-levels are all about, education and employers working together. There are endless benefits for the company and the students. Employers enjoy the benefit of bringing younger and fresher ideas to the company, and students gain valuable work experience in the industry.”

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