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Safeguard young and vulnerable people online with your new digital companion

Our mission is to make the internet a safer place for children and vulnerable people, everything else is secondary.

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What we do

For Organisations


Empower Your School with Real-Time threat analysis for the latest online harm, instant updates and easy-to-digest learning content.

For Parents


Get savvy with all of the latest platforms, games, apps and trends that young people are engaging with in FiDO.

For Charities


Join our network of charities, big and small, across the UK as we share the latest insights with our dog, SPOT.

Our mission

A safer web

We’re all about preventing online risks facing children and vulnerable people by empowering parents, carers and children with education and AI technology.

Adam Bolas

Founder and CEO

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Meet our dogs

For you - FiDO

Say hello to FiDO

Discover the benefits of FiDO (Family Independent Devices Online), a comprehensive resource designed to keep you informed and proactive about the apps and games your children engage with online. FiDO offers concise, easy-to-understand guides and videos, providing you with quick access to essential information.

Protect your organisation with REX

Transform Learning and Safeguarding with REX (Registered Exemptions). Empower Your School with Personalised Learning, Engaging Content, Increased Accessibility and Advanced Analytics.

Get the latest threats and solutions in safeguarding with SPOT

We understand the power of collaboration and the importance of knowledge sharing for small charities. That’s why we have created a dedicated service for small organizations to come together, learn from each other, and protect their communities.