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Don't Just Ask Google, Ask Sid.

Oct 26, 2023

In the ever-tangled web of the internet, it's a bit of a maze trying to keep your little ones safe online.

From trying to decode the latest online lingo to setting up the zillionth parental control, it feels like you need to be part MI5 agent, part tech wizard. Well, what if we gave you access to a new member of the team ready to sniff out all the answers you've been digging for? Meet Sid, our AI chatbot that's here to make online safety as easy as a walk in the park.

Sid isn't your average chatbot. Named after a crazy but lightning-fast Jack Russell (who's also named Sid, by the way), this little digital genius brings the same speed and agility to the table—only instead of chasing squirrels, he's on the hunt for the most trustworthy, child-safety info out there. Pulling data from trusted and moderated sources only, Sid's here to cut through the internet jargon and deliver the answers you need, pronto.

What can Sid do?

Imagine having a mate who's not just brilliant at cutting through the cyber clutter but also knows a thing or two about keeping the nippers safe online. That's Sid to a tee. But what exactly makes Sid the MVP (Most Valuable Pooch) of online safety? Let's dive in:

Straightforward Answers, No Fuss.

Whether it's figuring out how to navigate privacy settings on social media or understanding the best ways to monitor your child's online activities without hovering, Sid's got your back. With Sid, it's all about getting you the information you need without the runaround. Think of it as your personal guide to the digital world, always ready to serve up helpful advice with a wag of the tail.

Safety First, Always.

Sid's built with a single purpose: to make the internet a safer place for your little ones. By fetching data from only the most reliable and child-friendly sources, Sid ensures that every bit of advice is not just accurate but also safe to follow. And because we know the internet can sometimes be a bit of a wild west, we've made sure Sid stays within the safe paddocks of our digital garden, never straying into the dodgy alleys.

A Doddle to Use.

Forget about jumping through hoops to get started. There's no app to download or complicated sign-up process. Just hop onto our page, and you're ready to chat with Sid. It's as simple as asking, "Hey Sid, how can I make TikTok safer for my kids?" And voilà, you'll get your answer, quick as a flash.

If the answer isn't specific enough or too complicated, just emphasise your point in your messages to get what you need.

How Sid works.

Sid isn't just a one-trick pup; it's a skilled pup trained for online safety. With the digital landscape ever-expanding, Sid's capabilities stretch far beyond the basics, covering every corner of the online world. Here's a closer look at what makes Sid your go-to digital guardian:

Beyond Social Media: A Comprehensive Safety Toolkit.

  • Gaming: Sid knows the ins and outs of online gaming, from setting up secure multiplayer experiences to understanding in-game chat nuances. Whether it's Fortnite or Roblox, Sid can guide you on creating a safe gaming environment.

  • Soft Skills for Online Communication: Sid doesn't stop at just blocking and monitoring. It teaches critical soft skills for safer online interactions, such as recognizing phishing attempts, understanding digital etiquette, and dealing with online bullying.

  • Site and App Blocking: With a few simple commands, Sid can help you block unsuitable sites and apps, making sure your children only access content that's appropriate for their age.

Tailored Support, Whenever You Need It.

Sid's intelligence is matched by its accessibility. It's designed to provide tailored advice based on your specific queries. Need to know how to talk to your teen about their digital footprint? Sid's got you covered. Wondering how to explain the importance of privacy settings to a tween? Sid can break it down in terms they'll understand.

Getting Started.

Our mission is to make Sid as approachable as a chat with a good friend. There's no complex setup or technical know-how required. Just visit our page, and you're ready to start the conversation. Sid's interface is intuitive, making it easy for anyone to jump in and get the advice they need. Whether you're a tech novice or a savvy digital parent, Sid speaks your language.

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© 2023 Copyright INSINTO LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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